Cameron Family Center

JTC was recently awarded the $7.5 million dollar design build contract to construct the Cameron Family Center. The 43,024 square foot Family Center will be used help house families in need. JTC is looking forward to the completion of this project that will benefit many individuals in the Great Falls, coming in the summer of 2016.



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C-130 Hangar


JTC was recently awarded a $20,253,013 contract from the Montana Air National Guard for the C-130 Hangar project. This project includes new construction of Building 80 and the renovation of Building 25. Building 80 will be the new Fuel Cell Corrosion Control Facility and will also house the C-130 cargo plane. Building 25 will be used as a maintenance hangar and also includes administrative offices.

C-130 Hangar C-130 Hangar


Teton River Rest Area


Candlewood Suites

Candlewood Suites

Kobe Steakhouse


ADF International

ADF Great Falls

ADF Great Falls-32

ADF Great Falls-136

ADF Great Falls-133

ADF Great Falls-126


Please click on the link below to view an article published by MCA on the ADF International building: